Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating disorder which results from an insult inflicted on the spinal cord that compromises, completely or incompletely, its major function leading to no or incomplete functional recovery. When a complete injury occurs, there is no function, no sensation, and no voluntary movement below the level of the injury. When an incomplete injury occurs the individual may have some functional and/or autonomic nervous system problems such as loss of bladder and bowel movement.

DaVinci Biosciences is developing a method of using stem cells to treat patients suffering from acute and chronic spinal cord injury. Through safety and feasibility studies, DaVinci Biosciences has evaluated the use of its cell-based therapy for patients suffering from trauma to the spinal cord. DaVinci Biosciences’ mission is to optimize the treatment approach, to regenerate cells and tissue, and to restore sensation, movement and other functions in order to significantly improve the patient’s quality of life. There are over 2 million people living with SCI worldwide with approximately 11,000 new cases of SCI per year and 250,000 chronic cases in the U.S. according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC), yet, to date, there is no cure or effective treatment. DaVinci is dedicated to changing this.

The present standard of care for SCI is the use of methylprednisolone and/or decompression. Both of these treatments have produced marginal benefits and the use of methylprednisolone is questionable due to the adverse side effects.

According to the NSCISC the average yearly expenses in the U.S. for SCI in 2007 reach up to $776,567 for the first year with subsequent yearly expenses of up to $138,923. These expenses do not take into consideration any indirect losses such as wages and benefits costing the U.S. $9.7 billion annually. Even modest improvements in function for SCI patients can make vast differences in their quality of life and cut medical cost by over two-thirds.

In 2008, DaVinci Biosciences published a study demonstrating that treating spinal cord injury patients with autologous bone marrow stem is safe and may significantly improve their quality of life. We are presently are expanding this study to a larger cohort of patients.

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